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Android Pay

Android Pay is the new, simple and secure way to pay with your Android device. Accepted almost anywhere you can swipe or tap your card.


  • Download & Install
  • Setup Android Pay

Download and Install

If you previously had Google Wallet installed on your device, Android Pay should be pushed to your device automatically. If not, please follow the steps below.


1. Open the Google Play Store on your device

2. Search for Android Pay

3. Locate and tap the entry by Google

4. Tap Install

5. Read the permissions listing

6. If the permissions listing is acceptable, tap Accept

7. Allow the installation to complete

Setup Android Pay









1. After installing the app (or if the app is already on your device), you simply need to locate and tap the launcher in the app drawer. When it runs for the first time, it will immediately prompt you to enter a card.
















2. If you've already entered a card in Google Wallet, Android Pay will automatically have access to that information. Tap the plus sign [+] to add a card, the card from Google Wallet will appear. If that's the card you want to associate with Android Pay, just tap it, and you're ready to go.










3. To migrate a card from Google Wallet to Androind Pay, tap that entry, confirm the details of the card (you must have the security code from the back of the card), and then tap continue. Depending on your card, you may have to accept an EULA before the setup is complete. Android Pay will also require you to have a lock screen setup, otherwise you won't be able to finalize the addition of the card.



To pay with Android Pay, just unlock your device and hold your phone up to the POS terminal. That's it!