Routing & Transit Number: 283079227

Credit Cards


  • Cardmember Support
  • Making Payments

Cardmember Service

- Account Inquiries/Requests/Disputes

- Report a lost or stolen card

- Card Replacement

- Request Balance Transfers

- Credit Limit Changes

- Add Cards to Account

- Payment Options

Consumer Phone - 1.800.558.3424

Signature Phone - 1.866.234.4691

Business Phone - 1.866.552.8855
Fax: 1.866.616.1750
TDD: 1.888.352.6455


Representatives available 24 hours a day,

365 days a year

Online Account Access Website:


Rewards Center

- Point Balance

- Redeem Points

Phone: 1.888.229.8864



Online Account Access Assistance

- Problems logging onto account

- Issues with online account access

Phone: 1.877.334.0460 (Option 1)




L&N Visa cardholders have several ways to make payments:

1. Pay Online – Set up Online Account Access to payments and also view and manage credit card.

2. Auto Pay – Fill out the Payment Option form linked here and mail it to address on the form, or log into Online Account Access to set it up

3. Pay by Phone – To make single payments, by phone, call the phone number on the back of your VISA card.

4. Pay by Mail – Mail in payments, with coupons, are included in monthly Visa statements.

5. Pay by L&N’s online Bill Payment – Set up a payee and pay bill by logging into L&N’s Internet Banking