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Enhanced Security. Safer Transactions.

We are committed to protecting our card Members. That’s why we’ve equipped your new L&N Federal Credit Union card with the latest chip and signature technology.


Enjoy Added Security and Protection with Chip Technology.


What is the Chip?

Your card comes equipped with a microchip – a small metal square on the front of your Card which adds an additional level of security to your transactions at chip-enabled terminals.



Why is It Important?

Chip and signature technology encrypts your transaction data, which makes it more difficult for unauthorized users to copy or access your card information.



How Do I Use It?

There are two changes to how you will make a transaction with your new chip card.

1. When a chip card terminal is available at checkout, you will insert your card into the terminal, and leave it inserted until your transaction is complete.

2. At L&N ATMs (as well as many other ATMs) you will leave your chip card inserted until you are prompted to remove it. The removal prompt will be displayed on the ATM screen.