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eDocs Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does the eDocument portal require a separate password from Internet Banking?
A: No. The eDocument portal does not require a separate password. Your Internet Banking credentials are all that is needed.

Q: Do I need a special program to view eDocuments?
A: You will need the current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your eDocuments. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a separate program that can be downloaded for free from the eDocuments page.


Q: What if I do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader?
A: Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free program you can download at any time from the eDocuments page. Click on the Get Adobe Reader icon at the bottom of the eDocuments page to download an updated version.


Q: Is the eDocument portal secure?
A: Yes. Our Internet Banking has the highest standard of privacy protection available. All transactions and eDocuments are secured with multiple layers of encryption, firewalls, screening and filter routers. The security measures used exceed industry standard in protecting the confidentiality and safety of your financial information. The Internet delivers your financial information to you, while a private network is used to access our host computer. All data is modified in such a way that it is unreadable to anyone else, giving you the peace of mind that your financial information is protected.

Q: Can I receive paper documents and eDocuments?
A: No. By signing up for eDocuments, you waive the receipt of any paper documents. However, you have the ability to print any document displayed in the portal for your personal records. If the document does not appear in the portal, L&N Federal Credit Union can provide you with a paper copy of any document you require. To obtain a paper copy of a document, you will need to request it in person at one of our branches, by telephone at (502) 368-5858 or (800) 292-2905, or send a written letter of request to L&N Federal Credit Union, Attn: Member Services, 9203 Smyrna Parkway, Louisville, KY 40229.


Q: Can I choose which documents I want to receive electronically?
A: No. Currently, you must receive all documents as either eDocuments or paper documents.

Q: Can I receive the eDocuments for my joint account?

A: For legal reasons, eDocuments must be delivered to the primary account holder only.


Q: Can my eDocuments be emailed to me?
No, your eDocuments cannot be emailed to you. The eDocuments Portal provides the security to keep your personal information private.


Q: How long will my eDocuments be available for viewing?

A: eStatements and eTax Forms will be available in the eDocument portal for 2 years. eNotices will be available in the eDocument portal for 180 days, but will be automatically hidden from the eDocuments list after 30 days. At any time, a document can be unhidden by clicking the Unhide button on the document page.


Q: Where is the toolbar that allows me to print or save my eDocument?

A: Depending on the browser and version of Adobe Reader you are using, the toolbar will either be displayed across the top of the eDocument or at the bottom of the eDocument. If you do not see it displayed across the top of the eDocument, scroll down to the bottom of the eDocument. Hover you mouse over the bottom of the eDocument, and a toolbar should appear. The print and save icons should be included in this toolbar.


Q: How do I make the print toolbar always display across the top of my eDocument?

A: There is a setting within Adobe you can change that will always display the toolbar across the top of the eDocument. This works for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari 5. Unfortunately, Google Chrome will always display the toolbar at the bottom of the eDocument, even if the setting is changed. To change this setting, open any eDocument. Right click on the eDocument and click Page Display Preferences. Choose the Internet option on the left hand side. Uncheck the option that says Display in Read Mode by default. If you refresh the page, the toolbar should now display across the top of the eDocument and will do so every time an eDocument is opened in the future.


Q: Why am I required to update my email address and/or text message email address?
A: Your current email address and/or text message email address is necessary in order for L&N Federal Credit Union to send you a notification when you have eDocuments ready for viewing.


Q: How do I update my email address/text message email address?
A: You can change your email address and/or text message email address at any time by logging into Internet Banking, clicking on the eDocuments tab, and choosing the User Profile tab.


Q: Can my eDocument notifications be sent to more than one email address/phone number?
No. However, you can have your eDocument notifications sent to an email address and a phone number.


Q: Can I cancel eDocuments and go back to paper documents?

A: You can cancel eDocuments and go back to paper documents at any time. Simply contact us at (502) 368-5858 or (800) 292-2905, and we will take care of this for you.