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Mobile Banking

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I set up Touch ID? 
A: Follow the directions below to enable Touch ID and set it up on the Mobile App.


Enable Touch ID in Settings

1. From your iPhone, click Settings.

2. Click Touch ID and Passcode.

3. Enter the Passcode

4. Ensure that iPhone Unlock is showing green

5. Click Add a Fingerprint

Touch ID Access from L&N App

1. Log into your L&N App

2. Click More.

3. Click Settings.

4. Click Touch ID.

5. Under Login with Touch ID, toggle Touch ID on.


Log In with Touch ID

1. From Login screen, scroll Left.

2. From Touch ID fingerprint screen, click Login.

3. Place finger on Home Button.


Q: How do I remove Touch ID?

A: To remove Touch ID, please follow the directions below:


Touch ID Remove Access from L&N App

1. From the app, click More.

2. Click Settings.

3. Click Touch ID.

4. Under Login with Touch ID, toggle Touch ID off.


Q: Can I view my Purchase Rewards offers through the Mobile App?
A: Yes, to view Purchase Rewards offers within the Mobile App, go to More > Purchase Rewards


Q: How do I enable Quick Balance? 
A: To enable the Quick Balance, log into the app and go to More > Settings > Quick Balance > Current Device > toggle Quick Balance feature on. To view your Quick Balance, you can swipe downward anywhere on the login screen once the feature is enabled.


Q: How do I enable Push Notifications?
A: To enable push notifications, log into the app and go to More > Settings > Push Notifications. Once the feature is enabled, you may choose which notifications you would like to receive.


Q: How do I use Member to Member Transfers through my Mobile App?
A: Yes, you can now add and transfer funds from your L&N accounts to another L&N Member’s account from your IOS and Android devices (iPhone, iPad, Android Phone/Tablet & Kindle).


1. Login to your account

2. Click Transfers

3. Select From Account

4. Select To Account

If you need to add a new contact please see below.


1. Enter Amount

2. Click Transfer


Q: Can I “Add a Recipient” for Member to Member Transfers in the L&N app?
A: Yes, you can add or delete Recipients from your L&N app.


1. Click Transfers


2. Click To


3. Scroll to bottom of page and click Add a recipient


4. Enter first 3 letters of Members last name (Must be Primary Member)


5. Choose type of account you would like to add from Account Type menu


  • Savings
  • Checking
  • Installment Loan


6. Enter Account number (i.e. 1, 22, 156 etc.)


7. Enter Member Number


8. Click Verify Recipient


9. You will be taken to a new screen where the Primary Members name will appear that belongs to the account. You can edit the name if you like (ex. Jane Members Checking, Jane’s Account etc.)


10. Click Add Recipient


11. To delete a Recipient simply swipe to the left and click Remove.