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As one of the largest credit unions in the nation, we have the expertise to assist you in all aspects of buying a home. Please select the type of mortgage you're looking for below:


  • 5/5
  • 15/15
  • First
  • Construction
  • Home
  • First Time

The L&N 5/5 Mortgage plan is an adjustable rate mortgage that offers a rate lock for 5 years. After the 5th year adjustment, there is not another one for 5 more years! That’s an adjustable rate mortgage with only 1 rate change in the first 10 years!

- Up to 100% Financing
- No Closing Costs
- No PMI
- Rate locked in for the first 5 years
- Competitive Rates


20, 25 & 30 Year Terms Available


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* The 5/5 adjustable rate mortgage is also available with normal closing costs and a lower interest rate. Rate adjusts once every 5 years during the term of the loan. Ask for details. Approval based on credit qualifications.Terms of the program are subject to change.

The L&N 15/15 Mortgage plan is an adjustable rate mortgage that offers a rate lock for 15 years. That’s an adjustable rate mortgage with only 1 rate change in 30 years!

- Up to 95% Financing
- No PMI
- Rate locked in for 15 years
- Competitive Rates


30 Year Term Available


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* Rate adjusts after 15 years. This is only 1 change during the term of the loan. Ask for details. Approval based on credit qualifications. Terms of the program are subject to change.

Our First Mortgage plans include:

- Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate Loans

- Choose from 10, 15, 20, and 30 year terms.


We never sell the servicing on our first mortgage loans! So not only do you get competitive rates and terms, you get peace of mind knowing that you can count on L&N Federal Credit Union to always be there.


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Let L&N Federal Credit Union help you build the home of your dreams!


We offer a one-time closing, construction-to-permanent financing loan.

- Rate lock available at time of application
- Same rate during construction phase and permanent financing
- Primary residence
- Up to 90% financing
- No PMI
- Nine month construction phase
- 5/5 ARM or 15/15 ARM loan programs available


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L&N Federal Credit Union Home Equity Programs all feature low rates, low payments, and easy access.


Home Equity Loans can be used for purchasing a new automobile, home remodeling, the vacation you’ve been longing for, or debt consolidation to pay off high interest rate credit cards.


With a Credit Union Home Equity Loan, your money is at your fingertips. You can transfer funds through internet banking, write a check, use a special debit card or contact your branch location and have your money deposited into your account. It is that simple.


Our Home Equity Loans are available in both Adjustable Interest Only and Fixed Rate Programs. Five to ten year draw-periods are available, 90% Loan-to-Values,** and low closing costs. The Fixed Rate version features a maximum repayment period of 15 years, while the Adjustable Rate version has maximum repayment periods of 20 years, depending on the plan you qualify for.


**90% LTV if L&N holds the first mortgage


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Financing a home for the first time can be overwhelming. Our First-Time Home Buyers Program will take you through the home buying process step-by-step, and provide useful assistance throughout.


This program provides no discount points, no origination fee, reduced closing fees, and an Escrow account to pay for items such as property taxes and insurance. We can finance up to 97% of your purchase up to $484,350 with terms up to 30 years. It is available in Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate versions that allow you to choose the plan that fits you like a glove. This means you get affordable, convenient financing with a company that cares about your future.


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For more information on our Home Mortgage programs, contact our Real Estate Department at (800) 292-2905 or (502) 368-5858. Or, email us at





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