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Q:  Why do I receive an error that my ID Number or Password is incorrect when I login to Internet Banking?

A:  Typically the member number or password has been entered incorrectly.  Verify the following:


1. CAPS Lock off

2. NUM Lock on

3. Your account may be locked. Call us at 502-368-5858/800-292-2905 to have your account



Q:  Why am I receiving error #1516 when I log back into Internet Banking?

A:  Typically this error means you are not closing out of Internet Banking correctly.  You must log out of Internet Banking using the Logout button. Do not exit by clicking the X close button. In order for you to access your account, you must close out of ALL OPEN BROWSER windows and navigate back to in a new browser window.


Q:  Why am I receiving a Certificate Error when logging into Internet Banking?

A:  Typically this indicates that the computer date and/or time is incorrect. Verify that the date & time on your computer is correct. 


Q:  Why do I have to verify my identity via passcode every time I login?

A:  Typically this indicates that the internet browser is not correctly configured for cookies. See browser settings below.  


Browser Settings

Click a link below for a pdf of your specific browser settings.


- Internet Explorer 8.0 & 9.0

- Firefox

- Google Chrome

- Apple Safari




Check Your Browser Settings

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