Routing & Transit Number: 283079227


Q:  Why do I receive an error that my ID Number or Password is incorrect when I login to Internet Banking?

A:  Typically the member number or password has been entered incorrectly.  Verify the following:


1. CAPS Lock off

2. NUM Lock on

3. Your account may be locked. Call us at 502-368-5858/800-292-2905 to have your account



Q:  Why am I receiving error #1516 when I log back into Internet Banking?

A:  Typically this error means you are not closing out of Internet Banking correctly.  You must log out of Internet Banking using the Logout button. Do not exit by clicking the X close button. In order for you to access your account, you must close out of ALL OPEN BROWSER windows and navigate back to in a new browser window.


Q:  Why am I receiving a Certificate Error when logging into Internet Banking?

A:  Typically this indicates that the computer date and/or time is incorrect. Verify that the date & time on your computer is correct. 


Q:  Why do I have to verify my identity via passcode every time I login?

A:  Typically this indicates that the internet browser is not correctly configured for cookies. See browser settings below.  


Q: Where can I find my Member number within Internet Banking?

A: Once you have logged into your Internet Banking account, click on My Settings. Your Member number will be listed underneath your name in the Personal Information section. Please note your member number is equal to ID.


Browser Settings

Click a link below for a pdf of your specific browser settings.


- Internet Explorer

- Firefox

- Google Chrome

- Apple Safari




Check Your Browser Settings