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Coindexter Kids Club

Teaching children to earn, save, spend, manage and invest money!

L&N is proud to be a partner in your child’s financial education by offering the Coindexter Club completely FREE of charge for children age 12 and under. The Coindexter Club is designed to contribute to your child’s understanding of the responsibility and knowledge required to manage money effectively, spend wisely, and save aggressively. The articles, activities, and videos are structured to challenge children at different ages and levels of development.

In addition to emphasizing money management, the club also focuses on helping your child be a contributing member of your household by encouraging responsible behavior, accountability and dependability.

Club Features

Educational Video Lessons: The club’s primary learning tool is an ever-expanding collection of fun financial education videos. The video series provides information and guidance to children on a broad spectrum of money-related topics.

Newsletters: The Econopolis Observer is an interactive newsletter mailed to each club member each Spring and Fall. Each theme-based newsletter contains educational articles and activities along with an engaging interactive feature that allows children to scar QR codes to access the latest video, featured game or activity.

Games/Quizzes: A variety of simple games and quizzes designed to engage children and reinforce the lessons presented in the videos and articles.

At L&N, we’re passionate about financial literacy. Our ultimate goal is to teach your child how to become a responsible saver. The Coindexter Club provides kids with hours of fun as they learn lessons that will benefit them for a lifetime. To explore these great features, simply click the button below. Let the fun and learning begin!